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Akasha Rose is community for women. Akasha is the celestial energy our souls carry, Rose carries the highest frequency on earth. The Rose represents our divine feminine hearts and the beauty we embody as women. In this community we resonate in the energy of Sisterhood, a sacred relationship between women where we come together in unity. We honor each other with our beautiful, soft, divine feminine energy. The energy of unconditional love, intuition, sensuality, creativity and our connection to Mother Earth. Together we hold space for each unique woman’s heart and soul.


Women's Circles

Women's Circles

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Divine Feminine

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Our True Passion

This community was created out of devotion. Devotion to the path of healing what does not serve us to rise into our authentic selves. In the love and support of sacred sisterhood we usher in the energetics of the New Earth for the Divine Feminine.

Thank you for restoring my soul essence, my peace and love for myself. You have such a talent. I was transported into a sea of unconditional love and celestial beauty, I shifted my emotions felt I had the space to feel them.

Kylee Force

I loved the divine grace of her style of teaching kundalini yoga. I am brought into gratitude as I align with your soul! Amazing humble love you are offering to the world.
And you do it with such ease. Thats what makes it so magnetic. I end each class In bliss & harmony with my soul.

Mona Hassan

Sweet sister, such a beautiful class today. It really truly helped me move through some things. I truly honor you and am so grateful for the healing I receive from your beautiful kundalini classes and womens circles.

Tara Durn

Attending Sunday Sadhana classes has really expanded my awareness. Each week I find myself shifting more in my life and thoughts that I wasn't aware of before. I feel myself being able to be more and more open. I love it!

Megan Merrill